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The MDC is answerable to God and the people

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) must always keep in mind that it is answerable to the people and God. Therefore in the interest of truth and justice the government of National Unity must not be considered.

Thousands of People have died in support of the MDC. Millions are being starved. Tens of thousands have been tortured. Hundreds of thousands had their homes destroyed or displaced because of their support to the MDC. Unity government will be betrayal of those who have died for truth and the people of Zimbabwe who voted overwhelmingly against Zanu pf government of Robert Mugabe.

No unity government must be considered without the consent of the people. If unity government seems right then the people should be consulted. Churches, human rights groups, civic groups and the broad society must be consulted. For the MDC and Zanu pf elites to consider unity without consent of the people will be great pervasion and assault upon truth and justice.

We don't want to create another monster in the name of understanding, unity and political maturity. Proponents of democracy who wants unity government forged between Zanu and MDC will be guilt of political hypocrisy and the posterity will not forgive them. The government that won election must rule. We must go against the idea of unity especially after the corrupt, ruling government has lost elections. My fellow Zimbabweans are we concerned with justice and truth in politics? Or we want comfort, quick non-viable solutions, and short-term benefits at the expense truth, justice and Biblical democracy?

Unity government is the will of Thabo Mbeki president of South Africa not the will of God or Zimbabwean people. Our country must not ruled by Mbeki or that he determine who should be in power. This will be totally unacceptable.

Zimbabwe needs leaders who reflect the will of the people under their God. South Africa must push for the going out of Mugabe and his criminal Zanu pf government. This will be regarded as genuine concern and support to the oppressed people of Zimbabwe. Not to propose unity government.

Zimbabwe is a Christian nation. I don't think God will want MDC to unite with Zanu pf. Before long the MDC in its rallies and campaigns has told us that Zan pf is corrupt, illegitimate, and criminal. And the people have seen this to be true. Now why they should be Unity with criminals and illegitimate leaders? In the proposed unity with Zan pf are the people and God going to be served? Or we just want quick methods to be in power? Are we seeking the best for the people or are we self-seeking?

My fellow Zimbabweans lets not settle for less. Zanu pf leaders have lost elections and have destroyed our country therefore must go and face trial for their corruption and crimes. Why should we choose to go back to Egypt at this point in time? There is much hope for Zimbabwe if the government that won elections assumes its authority to rule. Then we will start campaigns so that criminals who murdered innocent people are convicted and victims are compensated.

I have respect for the MDC and the courage that President Morgan Tsvangirai has shown. MDC need steadfast support of the West and African nations. People think that the notion of Unity government is Mbeki's brainchild idea.

Remember those being murdered, starved and suffering in Zimbabwe. Support practical the struggle for freedom of Zimbabwe. Also see

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice

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Talks between Mugabe's Zanu pf and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) are a waste of time. Negotiating with Mugabe is just like negotiating with Lucifer. Mugabe is just buying time and looking for opportunities to stay in power and destroy the MDC. Are we seriously concerned about democracy, peace, truth and justice? If that is the case, then Zan pf must go unconditionally. Zanu pf leaders have lost elections. Their continued clinging on power is criminal. Zimbabwe must not settle for less.

Mugabe has lost 29 March 2008 presidential elections. His Zanu pf party has lost more than half of seats in the parliament to the MDC. Therefore Mugabe and Zanu pf must hand over power to the MDC government.

Compromising with crooked and cunning leaders like those in Zanu pf does not bring ideals of peace, prosperity, truth and justice. While president Morgan Tsvangirai shakes hands with Mugabe his supporters are being murdered, beaten, raped, torture red by Mugabe's militia's, soldiers and War Vets. The military junta is never ceasing in destroying lives.

While Zanu pf leaders are negotiating with MDC team in South Africa thousands of victims of State violence are denied medical treatment in clinics and hospitals. Zanu pf doesn't respect the MDC or is not bound by the Memorandum of Understanding they have signed with MDC. The Memorandum required violence, hate speech and other evils to be stopped. The evils stated in the Memorandum is Zanu pf life-blood. (See

Majority of African leaders don't care about truth, democracy and justice in Zimbabwe therefore insist on unity government. The notion of unity government is nonsense and an insult to the majority of Zimbabweans who voted for change or voted against Zanu pf in both presidential and parlimentary elections on 29 March 2008.

A leader who has lost elections must go unconditionally or face massive resistance from all corners. Britain and America have shown great solidarity to the oppressed people of Zimbabwe. It is also appreciated by Zimbabweans that countries like Botswana, Zambia Liberia, and Rwanda have not remained silence but made their stand for truth, righteousness, justice and democracy in Zimbabwe. It’s great that these African leaders are rising up against Zimbabwe criminals playing a government.

To force unity government in Zimbabwe (as South Africa is trying to do) is a big scandal and cover up for corruption, abuse, genocides and crimes against humanity that Mugabe's Zanu pf government has committed against humanity. Zanu pf leaders are arrogant, corrupt, thieves (who stole in many elections) and abusive to millions, therefore must not have a place in the new government.

Justice must be done in Zimbabwe. A leader who has lost elections must go. The power to make and unmake leaders resides in the people under their God. Any government of national unity between Zanu pf and MDC will have no legitimacy. If Zanu pf leaders continue to play part in the new government Zimbabwe will not be rid of massive corruption, insecurity, injustice, dictatorship, lies and pervasion in state.

Zimbabwe needs true freedom and true change. The people have spoken on 29 March 2008 elections their will under their God must be honored by all. Let’s not settle for less. Think about this.

Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice

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We the Parties to this Memorandum of Understanding; Concerned about the recent challenges that we have faced as a country and the multiple threats to the well-being of our people; *
*ourselves to putting an end to the polarisation, divisions,conflict and intolerance that have characterised our country's politics; *
*to build a society free of violence, fear, intimidation, hate, patronage, corruption and founded on justice, fairness, openness, transparency, dignity and equality; *
*the centrality and importance of African institutions in dealing with African problems, and agreeing to seek solutions to our differences, challenges and problems through dialogue under the auspices of the
SADC mediation, supported and endorsed by the African Union; *

*that we have an obligation of establishing a framework of working together in an inclusive government; *

Desirous therefore
*of entering into a dialogue with a view to returning Zimbabwe to prosperity; *

*that such a dialogue requires agreement on procedures and processes that will guide the dialogue.
* *

1. Definitions

The 'Memorandum of Understanding' ("MOU") shall mean this written
agreement signed by the Principals.

'The Parties' shall mean ZANU-PF, the two MDC formations led by
Morgan Tsvangirai and by Arthur Mutambara respectively. 'The Principals' shall mean the President and First Secretary of ZANU-PF, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the President of the one MDC formation,
Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and the President of the other MDC formation, Arthur Guseni Oliver Mutambara.

*2. Declaration of Commitment

The Parties hereby declare and agree to commit themselves to a dialogue with each other with a view to creating a genuine, viable, permanent and sustainable solution to the Zimbabwean situation and, in
particular, to implement this Memorandum of Understanding.

3. Representation
The Parties will be represented by two representatives each in the

4. Agenda

The Parties have agreed to the following Agenda:

4.1. Objectives and Priorities of a new Government


(i) Restoration of economic stability and growth

(ii) Sanctions

(iii) Land question


(i) New Constitution

(ii) Promotion of equality, national healing and cohesion, and

(iii)External interference

2 (iv)Free political activity

(v) Rule of law

(vi) State organs and institutions

(vii) Legislative agenda priorities


(i) Security of persons and prevention of violence


(i) Media

(ii) External radio stations

4.2 Framework for a new Government

4.3 Implementation mechanisms

4.4 Global political agreement.


5. Facilitation

The Dialogue shall be facilitated in accordance with the SADC and

6. Time frames

The Dialogue commenced on 10 July 2008 and will continue until the
have finalised all necessary matters, save for short breaks that
may be
agreed upon for purposes of consultation. It is envisaged that the
will be completed within a period of two weeks from the date of
signing of
this MOU.

7. Venue

The Dialogue shall be conducted at such venues as shall be
determined by the
Facilitator in consultation with the representatives of the

8. Communication with the media

None of the Parties shall, during the Dialogue period, directly or
indirectly communicate the substance of the discussion with the
media. The


shall refrain from negotiating through the media, whether through
representatives to the Dialogue or any of their Party officials.

9. Decisions by the Parties

The Parties shall not, during the subsistence of the Dialogue, take
decisions or measures that have a bearing on the agenda of the
save by consensus. Such decisions or measures include, but are not
to the convening of Parliament or the formation of a new

10. Interim measures

10.1 Security of persons

(a) Each Party will issue a statement condemning the promotion and use of violence and call for peace in the country and shall take all measures necessary to ensure that the structures and institutions it
controls are not engaged in the perpetration of violence.
(b) The Parties are committed to ensuring that the law is applied fairly and justly to all persons irrespective of political affiliation.
(c) The Parties will take all necessary measures to eliminate all forms of political violence, including by non-state actors, and to ensure
the security of persons and property.

(d) The Parties agree that, in the interim, they will work together to ensure the safety of any displaced persons and their safe return home and that humanitarian and social welfare organisations are enabled to render such assistance as might be required.
10.2 Hate speech
The Parties shall refrain from using abusive language that may
incite hostility, political intolerance and ethnic hatred or undermine each other.

11. The role of SADC and the AU

The implementation of the Global Political Agreement that the
Parties will
conclude shall be underwritten and guaranteed by the Facilitator,
SADC and
the AU.


12. Execution of the agreement

This agreement shall be signed by the Principals in the presence of
each other and shall be witnessed by the Facilitator.

Signed at Harare this day of 2008.

Robert G. Mugabe

President, ZANU-PF

Morgan R. Tsvangirai

President, MDC

Arthur G. O. Mutambara

President, MDC

Thabo Mbeki

SADC Facilitator
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Date & Time Posted: 2/2/2007
[Pic] Letter to Botswana President Mogae re: Zim Torture & Rape
[I received this from Collen Makumbirofa who is an ardent young Zimbabwean Christian. I have never before heard of Zimbabweans being tortured by the Botswana Govt or anyone there. This is news to me. Has anyone else heard of this? Jan]

Open Letter to Botswana President, Festus Mogae from Collen Makumbirofa, Foundation of Reason & Justice

Attention: His Excellency President, Festus Mogae

Warm greetings to you in the special name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

As a Zimbabwean Christian, I believe I have a moral obligation to challenge you concerning the abuse of Zimbabwean immigrants by your government.

I’m shocked that your government accepts abuse and mistreatment of Zimbabweans in Botswana and is largely responsible for wholesale of abuses and human degradation. Thousands of Zimbabweans who have fled for refugee to your country are being tortured, abused and subjected to inhuman treatment by Botswana authorities. Some Members of your soldiers and Service Support Group (SSG) are raping some helpless women along Botswana-Zimbabwe border. Most of these cases are not being brought to attention of media and Zimbabweans have limited access to justice system in Botswana.

Botswana Chiefs are responsible for torture of many Zimbabweans. Zimbabwean refuges are tortured solely for the reason that they are found without valid traveling documents. Torture of innocent people is a great offence before God and man. Surely can the Botswana authorities torture the innocent and destroy their self-esteem for narrow and shallow reasons? Botswana is a signatory of UN Declaration on Human rights, which oppose any treatment that humiliate and degrade innocent and potential people.

On the other hand respected members of your government, Police, Chiefs, Soldiers, CIDs and immigration authorities are abusing Zimbabwean immigrants who have valid traveling passports. We have evidence of numerous cases of mistreatment of Zimbabweans (also from human rights groups based in Botswana). Botswana has a good international reputation of political stability and respect of human rights. l request that urgent measures be taken by your office to eliminate corruption, prejudice, tribalism and hard heartedness in Police, Army, Chiefs, CIDs and SSG when dealing with immigrants especially Zimbabweans.

Mr. President I have first hand experience of innocent Zimbabweans being harassed, oppressed and tortured by Botswana authorities. I urge your government to respect human dignity of our people. Any nation that does not respect dignity and rights of immigrants shall itself become an immigrant population.

Mr. President in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ l decry the abuse of helpless, disadvantaged, oppressed Zimbabweans who have fled to your country for relief and refugee. In the name of Jesus Christ l challenge you and your government to respond with love, justice, peace and tolerance to the needs of Zimbabweans who are being despised and abused in your country.

Mr. President i make it clear to you that the struggle against tyrant in Zimbabwe is temporary. Political parties come and go but the love of God is permanent and kindness that will be shown to the suffering, long oppressed people of Zimbabwe will live forever. It is our prayer that your government will halt abuses of Zimbabwean as a matter of urgency.

Yours for the oppressed Zimbabweans in Botswana

Collen Makumbirofa (Mr.)
Foundation of Reason & Justice
P.O. BOX 61441
Marshall town 2107
South Africa


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU): Zimbabweans Have The Right To Be Informed,

by Zvidzai Ruzvidzo.

As a Zimbabwean citizen, I am very much concerned about the contents of the Memorandum of Understanding. (Understanding what?) The signing of the MoU brought some euphoria in many Zimbabweans who dreamt of a nearing end to the democratic deficit, the arrests, the torture, killings, and politically-motivated displacement of ordinary citizens in their country by Zanu PF regime. The signing of the MoU had ushered hope towards the possibility of the re-establishment of independence and the basic freedoms of the people of Zimbabwe. That euphoria is slowly dying as I think and question all things about the secret talks.

Why are the talks happening in secret with no media access to it? Who benefits from the talks? The people of Zimbabwe should not expect to benefit from anything that they are not allowed to have knowledge of. It appears as if this was a deliberate Mugabe-Mbeki ploy to extend the pain and suffering of the majority in Zimbabwe...for the umpteenth time!

I am concerned about the blackout on the information regarding the progress or lack thereof regarding the talks. The mediated talks are supposedly about Zimbabwe and if that is true why are the talks involving only a handful of people? These discussions ought to be held in the open just like all internationally-recognized mediation processes. The Lancaster House negotiations prior to independence were a perfect example of an open and transparent process.

The Lancaster House negotiations were open and the media was allowed briefings on the developments regularly. Even the then national newspaper, The Rhodesia Herald had daily updates on the developments from day one, including the final day’s information was readily available.

During the final day of the Lancaster House summit the people of Zimbabwe were paying so much attention to the developments that the Rhodesia Herald printed a rare Second Edition for the day, and the unprecedented sales were for the record books. I was young but I was interested in what was taking place in the country of my birth. To the contrary, twenty-eight years after independence we are now being told these talks about the future of Zimbabwe are being held behind closed doors. Why is that?

The citizens of Zimbabwe and other people all over the world should know what is going on. As Zimbabwe citizens we are all going to be affected by the outcomes of this negotiating process hence there is need for us to be informed. No amount of dilly-dallying can alter or obliterate the urgency and critical nature of democratic change in Zimbabwe. On March 29, the world heard what the people of Zimbabwe want.

These talks have gone for a week now but Zimbabweans are still scrounging for information as to what is really taking place.

If these talks are about the future of Zimbabwe, we demand the right to be informed now.

Zvidzai Ruzvidzo
Columbus-Ohio (614-622-04270

Nicholas Nickson Mada

US based activist

Plans fail because of lack of wise counsel, but with many genuine advisers they succeed. A greedy and arrogant man like Mugabe brings trouble to his family and country, but he who hates bribes and corruption will live freely. Proverbs 15: 22-27. Therefore, I tell my fellow countrymen and ladies that the dictatorial system/regime of Robert Mugabe has waged war on the people of Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe must wage war back on the dictator's system/regime. The time is now and only now before the complete destruction of Zimbabwe by Robert Mugabe and his selfish goons in Zanu PF.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


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By Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Attention: Zimbabwean churches warn country faces 'genocide': Part 11 Zimbabwean Bishop Pleads for Prayers 27TH APRIL 2008

Zimbabwe is facing serious humanitarian crisis. Widespread violence has erupted in Zimbabwe after 29 March 2008 presidential elections. Robert Mugabe (ZANU PF government) has lost presidential elections to MDC candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai. Mugabe has vowed not to abandon power. ZANU PF government militias and military police are beating up innocent people, burning houses and raping women. People are being are accused of voting for the opposition MDC, so far many people have been murdered and more than 3000 have been displaced by this state violence.
This situation is deteriorating into a genocide since Zimbabweans don't have guns to defend their wives, children and property.

Urgently pray for safety of people in Zimbabwe, Write or call your civil leaders urging them to put pressure on Zimbabwe to stop violence, murder and torture of opposition supporters. Zimbabwe desperately needs your support. Our Brothers and Sisters are dying.

Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice
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Zimbabwean churches warn country faces 'genocide'

Harare (ENI). Church leaders in Zimbabwe have called on the United Nations and African regional groupings to step in to stem the violence that has been reported following disputed elections, and have warned that without intervention the country will witness genocide. "People are being abducted, tortured and humiliated by being asked to repeat slogans of political parties they are alleged not to support," the church heads, drawn from the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, said in a joint statement. [539 words, ENI-08-0328]



A desperate cry from the hearts of Zimbabwe screams across the world.

It calls upon all Christians of every denomination in every nation to
focus their prayers, in churches, halls, homes or elsewhere, on Sunday 27th
April 2008 on the critical situation in Zimbabwe, a nation in dire distress and
teetering on the brink of human disaster.

Let the cry for help touch your heart and mind. Let it move you to do
what you can immediately to ensure this DAY OF PRAYER takes place in your country and neighborhood.

Please pass on this message right now to all the churches and Christian
organisations known to you and to the media as well as to everyone
anxious to rescue Zimbabwe from violence, the concealing and juggling of election results, deceit, oppression and corruption, and to bring about
righteousness, joy, peace, compassion, honesty, justice, democracy and
freedom from fear and want.

May a continual strong stream of prayer and supplication flow up to the
Lord On behalf of all the people on this DAY OF PRAYER, exhorting His divine intervention throughout the nation.

"It is by making the truth publicly known that we recommend ourselves to
honest judgment of mankind in the sight of God." (2 Corinthians 4:2)

"Who so putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe." (Proverbs 29:25)
"Stand fast, and do not let yourselves be caught again in the yoke of
slavery." (Galatians 5:1)

"Make no mistake, you cannot cheat God." (Galatians 6:7)

"Do not be overcome by evil but overcame evil with good" (Romans 12:21)

Bob Stumbles Chancellor, Anglican Diocese of Harare.19.04.2008.

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Foundation of Reason & Justice

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